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Kingley Sintim

Founding Executive Director
A Project Manager with a Civil Engineering background who enjoys reading and collecting art, vintage items, and books. "We had lots of young kids who could have done better if they had a good reading environment and learning opportunities, which he had to create for himself as a child by borrowing books from his grandfather's Library," Kingsley said. Sintim noticed as a child. So he founded Tasha Community Library, a pioneer library for Nigeria Reads, an organization whose mission is to inspire and promote reading culture and learning opportunities among rural children in Nigeria through the establishment of community libraries and literacy programs. Over 800 community children directly benefit from Nigeria Reads literacy programs, and the organization has assisted in the coordination of a book drive with over 22,000 donated books. He is concerned with establishing connections in outlying communities that will result in stronger, more engaged readers and more confident Nigerians.