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Nigeria Reads Initiative is a non-profit organization dedicated to mobilizing the latent educational opportunities in Nigeria’s outlying communities through the establishment of literacy centers and programming. Our journey began with the establishment of a Tasha Community Library through our Friends of the Library project, in which we rallied the support of Community-Based Organizations, Private-Public partnerships, and other stakeholders to establish a literacy project and programming.

To date, we have reached over 1,800 young people in 27 communities across 7 states in Nigeria through literacy.

Commissioning of Dutse Community Library

Commissioning of Ikot Udo Esang Community Library and ICT Center


Oneiru is a space for users and community members to create, connect and collaborate with the aim to get everyone to connect to a future in which they have the agency to change rather than being dormant participants. 

This collaborative learning community is one great diversity, where members pool all their own unique resources and ideas towards a clear unambiguous purpose. It is a very inclusive environment where open communication, and a range of talents, backgrounds, and experiences are valued and respected.  It brings together a flexible group of users to work towards a common goal of bringing communities together to educate, make, and share.


The Co-Location Program brings together diverse books in a compact space and fosters a culture of reading by linking users with age appropriate books to meet their learning needs. Users are able to collaborate, develop innovative and informal learning experiences to enhance and augment their learning experiences. The program supports normal literacy activities and create a community where young people can experience the transformative power of learning in a relaxed environment that inspires innovation & creativity. It supports a growing population of adolescents in communities with the goal to help them mobilise their latent educational opportunities and create a win-win opportunities for all.

Abuja Science and Community Resource Center 

ASCRC provides supplemental critical thinking and context-appropriate science education resources to secondary school students in Abuja, Nigeria, and, through student-led research projects, bridges the divide between in-school science curricula and issues of community development.

The methodology behind the ASCRC works with the understanding that, regardless of the scientific competencies of secondary school students in Abuja, the concept of science and the scientific research process are confined to the classroom environment. There are few avenues available for students to take what they were learning in the science curricula and apply them to problem-solving situations outside of standardized testing scenarios and revising for exams. Accordingly, the ASCRC aims to provide students with the opportunity to bridge this gap between science learning in the classrooms and issues of community engagement and development.

Abuja Science and Community Resource Center


with support from Swarthmore College, Massachusetts

Abuja Science and Community Resource Center

with support from Swarthmore College, Massachusetts

#NigeriaReadsandCounts Charity Tour Photo Sessions

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When we think of other peoples lives as linked to our own, our empathy grows. They’ve demonstrated an amazing ability to help build a brighter and better future for our country. – OLIVER SANDERO

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