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At our coolkidscode project,  children learn the basic concepts of Computer Science with drag-and-drop programming. This includes a game-like, self-directed tutorial starring video lectures by Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Angry Birds, and Plants vs. Zombies.  They learn repeat loops, conditionals, and basic algorithms.

In principle we work through the basics on how computer programs are written and interpreted, and further compliment that knowledge with a basic programming of board games such as Ludo, snake and ladder and using Lego kits. Kids can code their own interactive games, stories, animations, and more. In the activities we give them, they learn to create an interactive game that they share with friends and family.

Fact: 97% of the kids we introduce to coding have no idea of how to use a computer; we create this opportunity for constructive use of their leisure time and for kids to be attuned to recent technological developments,  this is our commitment to building the knowledge economy  of  Nigeria at the grassroots level

Cool Kids Code Project on teaching kids how to write computer codes

When we think of other peoples lives as linked to our own, our empathy grows. They’ve demonstrated an amazing ability to help build a brighter and better future for our country. – OLIVER SANDERO

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