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Abuja Science & Community Resource Center

A critical thinking session at the Abuja Science & Community Resource Center held at Ladela School, Wuse 2, Abuja

The Abuja Science and Community Resource Centre (ASCRC) is a nonprofit education initiative based in Abuja, Nigeria, that aims to provide supplemental science and critical thinking education to secondary school students in Abuja. Through this emphasis on the intersection between critical thinking and the scientific research process, the ASCRC aims to promote a culture of scientific inquiry in secondary school students as well as provide a space for students to engage their academic competencies and research solutions to issues associated with community development. The ASCRC will thus be a resource centre with a well-stocked library and context appropriate educational resources provided to members. The ASCRC will also provide participants with critical thinking courses and guide participating students through the research process through which the students will engage their science education to research issues related to social and infrastructure development. Through the ASCRC, we aim to enrich science learning in Abuja and create lasting, positive impacts with both ASCRC students and surrounding communities. The following is a project proposal for the design and implementation plans for the ASCRC.